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PhotoBio X3

PhotoBio X3

SKU: 364215376135191

PHOTOBIO•X abandons the bar-style concept in favor of a more efficient contiguous circuit board where the proprietary spacing between diodes is optimized to deliver unparalleled PPFD uniformity to the canopy. A highly reflective panel between the boards redirect photons reflected off leaf surfaces back down to the canopy which equates to a 2% increase in PPFD. Extensive thermal modeling and testing were conducted to ensure diodes remain well below the operating temperature to maintain consistent light output and yields for over a decade. 0-10V PHOTO•LOC Light Output Control allows you to precisely regulate the amount of light delivered to your plant canopy when paired with the available Autopilot PX2 controller.

PHOTOBIO•X’s design is multilayer rack-centric, providing the ability to double or triple your canopy square footage within the footprint of your existing structure. The driver is mounted below the fixture to maximize vertical grow space and has the ability to be remotely mounted. 

PHOTOBIO•X is designed for the serious horticultural professional looking to increase business sustainability by reducing power consumption while simultaneously improving crop performance and yield.


    • 850 μmol per second output (S4 Spectrum)
    • Over 2.6 μmol per joule efficiency (S4 Spectrum)
    • Tailored spectrum produces desirable crop traits
    • 11 year diode life operating 12 hours per day
    • Highly reflective panels redirect photons back to canopy to increase PPFD by 2% versus bar style fixtures
    • Strategic diode placement increases uniformity of light delivery to canopy
    • PHOTO•LOC Light Output Control to precisely control PPF output when paired with Autopilot PX2 controller
    • Low profile maximizes vertical growing space with remote capable driver
    • 100–480V Driver options
    • IP65 wet location rated protection against water and dust
    • Zero maintenance

    No Return Policy unless Defective or Broken 


    Shipping Cost $10.00

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